Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The "Art" in front of the Liberal Arts Building

A few weeks back I last saw the Liberal Arts Building (also known as the L.A.B./LAB) as it has always been. I have not been there in about a week and I have been hearing my friends talking about a "monstrocity" that was placed outside of the LAB in the middle of the court yard. I did not believe them until I saw it for myself. I, like my friends, dislike this piece of art in the middle of the LAB court yard. I am opposed to this piece of art. To me, I see this as just a waste of steel because it is infront of the LAB. When you look at it, the two pieces almost look like its in the shape of "06" as in the year of 2006. There is no plaque saying who made it and what it is exactly. I am curious of what it exactly is. Another thing that bothers me is the colors used. It doesn't really suit the LAB, but it wasn't my decision to put it there. If it were, I would just leave the LAB court yard as is, the architecture is great and needs no additional monuments to help it stick out. I want to put a suggestion box next to this structure to see the other student's input, or take a survey in person to everyone I see at the LAB.

You can visit my major's department of history here.

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