Thursday, February 18, 2010

World War II

Just recently I was watching Band of Brothers. One of the greatest TV mini series that has been made. I saw on my old Cadre's Facebook page about another mini series that is coming out on 14 March 2010. This got me thinking of my trip to the National World War II Memorial Mall in Washington D.C. in Summer 2004. This experience was captivating and mezmorizing. My brother and I spent the whole day videotaping and taking pictures while there. It was the most emotional memorial I have ever seen in my whole life. As i continued on taking pictures and video taping there are quotes from the commanding generals at that time such as, General Doughlas MacArthur, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, General Omar Bradley, General George C. Marshall, and Admiral Nimitz. The most touching thing to me was the wall of stars. The wall of stars stands for every 10-100 dead American Soldier during WWII. As I continued looking on, I noticed the clam water reflecting the image of the stars. To me that was symbolism to our generation to look into our own reflection and make a difference like they did, not by becoming a soldier, but by helping society. I would love to visit this memorial at night some day.
Visit the website here.

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