Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cultural Exhibit at McCain Library

My first visit to the McCain Library was quite interesting. There were so many collections that were on display for my history class. There were many displays such as civil rights movement era that includes Freedom Summer that was here in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, another was about the Ku Klaus Klan members, Camp Shelby during World War II and many others. There was this one display that caught my attention was the Sullivan versus Kilrain fight. It was the last bare knuckle fight because it was outlawed in the United States. This fight was suppose to be fought in New Orleans, Louisiana but was then moved north to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. After seeing the files on the Sullivan-Kilrain fight, I became very intrigued to see what else I could find interesting in the McCain Library.
When I returned to the McCain Library recently I decided to find information on World War II in the Pacific Theater in the Philippines. My grandfather on my father’s side was a Lieutenant Colonel in charge of guerilla forces in Northern Luzon, Philippines and my grandfather on my mother’s side survived and escaped the Bataan Death March, this subject automatically interested me to see if the McCain Library had any archive information that went back to those days.


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