Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fort Benning Day 0

Today I drove with my family to Fort Benning, Georgia for my brother's Commissioning Ceremony. He will be the first officer in our family since World War II and also the first of the Third Generation Resurreccion to be a Soldier. This got me thinking about my future because like my brother, I too was born an Army Brat. I was originally in the United States Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (Army ROTC) here at the University of Southern Mississippi. I had potential to go through with it but decided it was not the college life for me and withdrew. I still would like to join the Army after I achieve my college degree like my brother did. If I did not withdraw from Army ROTC I would be a commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant (Gold Bar Insignia). So far I have 2 more semester left here at USM and at the same time I am ready to hurry up and get out and I don't want to leave Hattiesburg, or atleast the people here. I love my friends here and would not trade them for anyone else. But in reality, it is inevitable that I will leave them behind and pursue my dream of being a Soldier. It will be an honor to defend my family and friends.

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