Thursday, February 11, 2010

the Southern Miss Chapel

As I began to look back at my years here at Southern Miss, I began to think of the hang out spots around campus my friends and I would go to my Sophomore year, Fall 2007-Spring 2008. We hung around places around the Southern Miss campus such as the Power House Court yard/Sun square, Cook and McCain Library, the Hub, Freshman Quad benches, and Freshman Quad cubby hole (opening in Bolton Hall near Jones Hall). But the one that I enjoyed the most was the Danforth Chapel. I remember seeing the stain glass windows inside and the engraving of alumni. Another thing I remember was the pamphlet mentioning the history. Some people even got married in that little chapel. But like most things, this place got old and I no longer visit that chapel, yet the memories I hold in me remind me of the friends I made and still have to this day thanks to those places especially the Danforth Chapel.

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